The Loneliest Reunion Island

In the last 2 ½ years, there have been nine shark attacks with five resulting in fatalities on Reunion Island. Those are terrifying numbers. Most victims were surfing when it happened, or on vacation swimming, or on a honeymoon, or in front of their mother. Subsequently, because of the attacks, the Reunion Island (tourist-based) economy...

Teahupo’o Goes XXL

Dave Wassel said Teahupo’o on May 13 was “the most dangerous, chaotic scene the ocean has ever seen.” And he’s right. The swell that descended upon the End of the Road that day was the most awe-inspiring in recent memory. Laird Hamilton towed Koa Rothman into arguably the biggest wave ever ridden out there. RED...

The San Francisco Treat

Damien Hobgood said “I’ve never seen a beachbreak that good in my whole life.” Josh Kerr, Damien Fahrenfort, Ricky Whitlock, Taylor Knox and most Ocean Beach locals agreed. For four days straight, a long-period Northwest swell was met with offshore winds as it unloaded on San Francisco’s fickle beachie. Lines stacked for miles out the…

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Shark attack on Mick Fanning caught on video ...

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