A Review of BLACKHAWK Surfboard Bag

By: Blackhawk   On: 7 August 2017 

We use Rip-stop nylon and Coated PE fabric to make the bag.

Blackhawk surfboard bag uses best quality Rip-stop nylon as the front cover. It is light, durable, waterproof, and stylish. Most cheap bags use low-quality fibre, easily damaged from cutting of sharp objects during transportation and storage.


We use coated PE fabric as the bottom cover, waterproof, UV-reflective. It is essential that a good surfboard bag need to keep the board inside cool and dry during the hot weather in the summer.


7mm high-density EPE padding provides excellent protection for boards from light impact damage. Many cheap surf bags in the market use thinner or no inner padding.

Thick PVC nose padding is an important design feature for surf bags because it is a vulnerable part of a board. Many cheap bags use artificial leather on the nose or to be worse, paint black makes it looks like padding reinforcement. Fake leather ages quickly with deal with harsh environment as sand and salt water. Blackhawk surfboard bag only uses the best PU with diamond dots on the nose to protect your board.


We know zipper play critical role in the surfboard bag. We use a large plastic zipper to make sure open/close the bag movement is smooth and effortless. With plastic zipper, you don't need to worry about corrosion from salt water anymore.


The ventilation system is a must have feature for surfboard bag. The reason is simple, everyday access bag with wet boards, the inside of the bag normally is moist and hot. The bag will be damaged quickly, not mention the damages to valuable contents inside the bag. All our surf bags equipped with a ventilation system. It allows air flow through inside the bag, makes sure the inside of the bag is dry and cool regardless of the external weather condition.

Blackhawk surf bags are well-designed, we put lots of small details into consideration。

The inner pocket is a convenient design so you can store fins and leash inside the bag.

Centre fin slot is a standard feature. With that, you do not need to remove the big fin of the board in the bag.

Ergonomic shoulder strap pad and PVC moulded handle ensure that it is very comfortable to carry the bag for a long time.

We have three types of bag: 2D-Flat, 2.5 Semi-wall, 3D twin

2D Flat is light weight, quick-to-use, accommodates one board with centre fin.

2.5D Semi-wall bag is flexible, fits one surfboard with all fins.

3D twin bag is big and tough, accommodates two boards without fins.

We use lots of genuine quality material in making this bag, but the price is still very affordable. Online retail price for our bags are no more than $120, compare to other big brands in the market which almost double the prices. In conclusion, our bag is cheap but with high quality regarding the design and material.