Yoga on a Paddle Board

By: Internet   On: 15 August 2017 

Part I: Benefits of SUP Yoga

The following are nine benefits of practising yoga on a stand-up paddle board.

1.A greater sense of mindfulness will develop.

Paying attention to every breath and body movement, every placement of a foot, leg, or arm is key to keeping balance.

2.You don’t have to be an advanced yoga student.

Simple yoga poses are all you need to develop body awareness – taking them on the board just enhances that awareness.

3.Advanced students can bring another level of challenge to their practice.

For those who find most advanced poses (like arm balances) effortless, taking them on to a SUP board will humble many of those who have mastered many poses. Bringing your mindfulness back to the basics of just doing level 1 on a SUP board will add a different level of awareness to the practice.

4.The pace of your practice will slow down.

Many times, we hurry to get from one pose to the next and forget to pay attention to how we move, how we focus and the quality of our breath. Yoga on a stand-up paddle board forces you to slow down your pace and gain more focus on your practice.

5.The same muscles are challenged, but in a different way.

Typically, you use your breath, focus, along with the muscles of the body to steady yourself in yoga poses. You use most of those same skills and muscles when you’re doing stand-up paddling. Additionally, poses on a SUP board tend to give a greater challenge to the quadriceps, shoulders, arms, and knees – and especially the core area – because of the modifications to create balance in the pose.

6.It’s like Hot yoga with instant refreshment.

If you like your yoga hot, practising outdoors in the summer heat will create the same sweat. However, instead of leaving pools of sweat on your mat, you can cool down with an unlimited supply of water just beneath you.

7.No practice will ever be the same.

You can experience a different practice every time you go out on a stand-up paddle board because the wind and water conditions are always changing.

8.A Chance to experience the beauty of the outdoors.

Everyone could use a change of scenery now and then, and what better way to get that than in combination with your love of yoga?

9.SUP yoga is fun and challenging.

SUP yoga is a great practice for developing mindfulness, focus, balance and breath skills because it takes all of those skills to be present during this type of practice. Although the consequence of losing focus or balance is only ending up with a refreshing splash of the water, rather than a fall on a hard floor.

Part II: How to choose a Paddle Board of Yoga

1.There are two main types of SUP hulls: planning and displacement. If you plan to do yoga on your board, you want a planning hull. Planning hulls are wide and flat, which makes them very manoeuvrable. As Wave tribe points out on their blog, planning hull boards are designed to ride on top of the water, which makes them perfect for SUP yoga.

2.The size and thickness of the board will depend on your size. If you’re on the tall side, you don’t want a short board.

There are three main lengths for SUP boards:

  • Small: less than 9 feet long
  • Medium: between 9 and 12 feet long
  • Long: between 12 and 14 feet long

Small boards are ideal for surfers, shorter users and kids. Medium is great for all-around use, is usually the size SUP yoga chosen. Long boards are better suited for touring.

The board’s width is another important consideration. The wider the board, the more stable the feel. As you may have guessed, wide boards are better for Yoga. They’re easier to stand on, and they’re slower than narrow boards, which are better for racing and touring.

SUP boards do have weight limits, so you’ll need to consider that when choosing a model. If the board can’t support your weight, it will feel unstable and be uncomfortable to use.

SUP yoga is a great workout, especially if you have the right board. The hull type, weight capacity and size are the two most important things to keep in mind when choosing a board.

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